Ok, what’s the deal with disclosure ?  Basically if you choose to make a purchase (or booking) through one of the “banner” ads shown on my pages, or one of the items shown in my “Resources” page, I may get paid a small commission (typically 1 to 5%).  Why should you do this ?

  • any purchase comes at no additional cost to you (it is exactly the same as though you were going straight to the merchant’s site)
  • you do if for me because you think my site is worthwhile, chock full of useful information and links, and in gratitude for my hard work in developing the site.  
  • and doggone it people like me (any way for me to make any significant money I need hundreds of you to click-through my site)

I have positive experience with all of the merchants and booking agents carried on my site but do not make a purchase or booking unless you really need and want to do so.

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